Event Schedule

General events for Love Data Week can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/2021-love-data-week-cal. The below represents our datathon-specific events and workshops!

Time (EST) Event
February 5th
12:00 pm Datathon kickoff with Data Services [Zoom][Recording]
Watch a playlist of Datathon Track Trailers
Watch an overview of the datathon
2:00 pm Question and Answer Session with the organizers via Slack.
4:30 pm Video workshops:
Collaborating with Git and GitHub [Materials] [Video]
Understanding Regular Expressions (Regex) [Materials] [Video]
February 6th
4:00 pm Pick a track and submit your team for entry into the datathon: form closed
February 7th
4:00 pm Share your "idea" video with adis@nyu.edu!
February 8th
11:00 am Intro to the UNIX Shell [Materials] [Recording]
12:00 pm Introduction to ArcGIS (ArcMap) [Materials] [Recording]
1:00 pm Getting Started with Python Pandas [Materials] [Recording]
4:00 pm Intro to GIS with QGIS [Materials] [Recording]
February 9th
3:00 pm Data Cleaning for GIS [Materials] [Recording]
4:00 pm Data Cleaning and Management with Python [Materials] [Recording]
February 10th - see support schedule
February 11th - see support schedule
February 12th
1:00 pm DATATHON IS OFFICALLY OVER! Submit your work here: form closed
2:00 pm Data Career Panel